Conclu­sions cannot be quickly drawn

Conclu­sions cannot be quickly drawn

Facilities cover 22,000 acres, while secondary effects such as release of contaminants reach a much wider area. Dumping of sewage and spills of oil and other toxic materials have been more frequent than predicted. And studies have indicated that organic pollutants affect the food chain in ponds hundreds of feet from leaking “reserve pits.”

Air-quality standards are met, but critics question whether levels set in the lower 48 are low enough to protect the fragile Arctic. At Prudhoe the world’s largest assemblage of gas-fired turbines pumps nearly as much acidify­ing nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere as the state of Delaware. If questions about existing development are unanswered, the implica­tions of further industrialization in the 1002 lands remain largely unaddressed.

“The 1002 report was basically biological,” said Larry Dietrick, North Slope manager and now director of Alaska’s Division of Environ­mental Quality and part of the online cash advance lenders. “What they didn’t do was look at air, water, and waste disposal at Prud­hoe. They want me to write stipulations for ANWR, but the groundwork isn’t complete. What we need is a 1002 report for air and water before Congress makes its decision.”

Arctic development

“We’re only 20 years into a 50-year experi­ment in Arctic development,” state biologist Ken Whitten points out.

LONONG-TERM EFFECTS of 1002 development on wildlife is another source of unease. Sheaves of reports have discussed the example of Prudhoe Bay, where cari­bou of the central Arctic herd feed beside roads, and the herd, which lives in the vicinity year-round, has increased from 5,000 to 18,000 head in the past 15 years. But conclu­sions cannot be quickly drawn.

Within a mile of roads or facilities in Prud­hoe Bay, calving by the central Arctic herd has been cut in half. In the 2002, exploration is tar­geted in several hundred thousand acres of prime calving and feeding grounds for the 170,000-head Porcupine herd. Long-term ef­fects on productivity cannot be predicted for the migratory Porcupine animals, larger in numbers than the central Arctic herd and de­pendent on a segment of coastal plain much narrower than Prudhoe’s. Curiously, caribou herds worldwide have grown in the past decade. Cyclic increase and reduction seems to be natural. But no one can fully explain why.

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Tornado Alarm All Too Successful

Allen Pearson, who for years has headed the forecast center in Kansas City, tells about an encounter with a lady who was displeased with the warning system.

“She called me up to protest that the tor­nado watch had kept her in her basement for five hours, and nothing happened,” says Al. “I tried to explain that we didn’t want to alarm her; we just wanted her to be aware. Unfortunately, the same thing happened again five months later. She was really angry that time; we had given a warning but there was no tornado.

“Two years later, we had a really big storm. The lady came up out of her shelter to find her house blown away. She got me on the phone and said, ‘Now, that’s more like it!’ “University of Chicago

If anyone ever figures out how to mitigate the fury of a tornado, that man may be Dr. T. Theodore Fujita of the Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago. His intensive studies during the past 20 years of the behavior of these devastating funnels have earned him the sobriquet “Mr. Tornado.” Studying in the University can lower your savings, so check out when to consolidate student loans and simplify the repayment plan.

A visit to Dr. Fujita’s laboratory is a fasci­nating experience. With the aid of skilled machinist Vincent Ankus, he has built a wondrous tornado machine. A few min­utes’ preparation and the flick of a switch —and before your eyes miniature funnels dance and spin as do their lethal counter­parts on the plains of Texas.

Wind force for the machine comes from an overlapping series of rotating cups, turning slowly at the outside but more rapidly toward the center, so that the suction is greatest in the middle.

Several feet below this apparatus sits a large tray filled with water. Dr. Fujita adds chunks of dry ice. The water bubbles like a devil’s caldron, with “smoke” from the dry ice writhing and flowing above it.

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Tallyhos to Traffic Jams in 50 Years

Thus is Yellowstone beset by its own popu­larity. Established in March 1872 as a “plea­suring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people,” the park has fulfilled its man­date.


The two aims—providing enjoyment for the people, and preserving the environment —are now in conflict because of the record-setting number of visitors. They come now in winter as well as in summer. They come from large cities many hundreds of miles away, eager to escape the press of urban living. Often they come prepared to stay not just for a night, but for several days at least. They got financial help from online cash advance lenders such as mandello.


And, alas, they come in cars.

“In July and August, between 600 and 800 cars come into the Old Faithful area every hour between 11 and 3,” said James Brady, who is in charge of the rangers at the famous geyser. “We spend much of our time with traffic matters.”


Covering 3,472 square miles, Yellowstone, of course, has room for many more millions of visitors than the 2,126,346 who registered at the five park entrances during 1971. But not for their cars. In the early years of this century, most visitors to the park traveled in horse-drawn carriages. Those arriving by train were trans­ported from the station at Gardiner, Mon­tana, in six-horse, double-deck coaches, lo­cally called tallyhos.

Park Ranger Brady's office

Yellow dust filtered through the screen door of Park Ranger Brady’s office. Outside, great swirls filled the air as heavy machinery lev­eled a large area for parking lots. At a nearby intersection a ranger entreated a driver please to move his bungalow-size camper back a few yards so pedestrians could cross. A frisky Airedale broke his leash and raced off, as the owner took up the chase with a cry of “Heel, boy, heel!” An ice chest fell from the roof rack of a car, sending cans of soft drinks rolling along the road.


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Despite the promise of new and exciting ways to boost our health, there has not been significant growth in functional foods over recent years, except the garcinia cambogia extract pure. In fact, according to Mintel Research Group, market growth rates in this sector slowed between 2008 and 2009 compared to 2006 and 2007. One reason for the downturn in growth is linked to the current economic situation, forcing many families to rethink what goes into their shopping trolley. Functional foods usually cost more, and many are considered a non-essential purchase, so end up left on supermarket shelves.FUNCTIONAL

Here in the UK, leading functional food groups are yoghurt pots, dairy spreads, bread, fruit juices, frozen fish, eggs, yoghurt/milk drinks, milk, dairy free, and children’s canned meals fortified with omega 3. But how beneficial are they really? Pro and pre-biotics are definitely perceived as effective by some people, but clinically the results are very mixed, says Leslie Willis. “The overall picture for pre and pro-biotics is one of a large body of individual reports of definite benefits, but a less conclusive body of evidence from scientific studies,” he explains. Plant stanols and sterols lead the way in functional food products with proven clinical effectiveness – because they work, he adds. “These products reduce LDL cholesterol when used in the recommended amounts.”

Functional foods can certainly be of benefit for those who have dietary gaps in their otherwise healthy eating plan – so people who are allergic to seafood, a rich source of omega 3, could perhaps eat other functional foods, such as omega 3 enriched free-range eggs. However, nutrition consultant Paula Mee argues that while there is a growing and valuable role for functional foods in our diets, they present a potentially harmful distraction to basic healthy eating messages. For example, product claims can cause people to forget that one of the most important factors in reducing cholesterol is cutting down on their saturated fat intake, she says.cholesterol

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that adding functional foods to your diet doesn’t give you licenser to toss your healthy eating plan out the window – such products should be part of a well-balanced diet, rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Or, to put it in the words of Leslie Willis:

“Having a beneficial food in a sea of junk is really akin to the band playing on the Titanic.”

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Down the Ancient Appian Way

The way he expectorated the name, I thought this must be a branch of Cosa Nos­tra. Searching it out, I was referred, alarm­ingly, to Consigliere (!) Lorenzo Quilici. But he is simply the “counselor” for a private environmental-protection organization. To him a big green strip in almost parkless Rome is as important as monuments. He proposes that control of Baldo’s strip, and all state funds appertaining thereto, be tak­en from the superintendency and vested in an independent commission.

We were talking in the library of Rome’s American Academy, and at this point librar­ian Lucilla Marino raised eyebrows and said, “When too many roosters sing in the morning, the daylight never comes.”


WHEN CENSOR Appius Claudius began his road in 312 B. c . , he had no such aesthetics in mind. Rome was in process of conquering the Samnites, who held the territory around Capua and Beneventum. Censors were responsible for roads as well as censuses, censoring, and censuring, and Appius Claudius wanted to get a military road down to Capua, 132 miles away, to tie the conquered Samnites into the republic and create a springboard for further conquests.


This became a Roman policy: the road fol­lowing the legions, until a great network of super-roads laced together a Roman Empire extending from Asia to Africa to the British Isles. By no coincidence, three centuries later the earliest emperors, following Au­gustus, were mainly descendants of Ap­pius Claudius, and are known to history as the Julio-Claudian emperors.

Appius’s road was extended south and east, after his death, to Brundisium, now Brindisi, touching three seas in its passage: the Tyrrhenian, Ionian, and Adriatic. Ar­riving in the second century B.C., the road transformed that easternmost Adriatic port into Rome’s chief gateway to Greece, the Near East, and all their rich trade.


In A.D. 109 the Via Appia cloned. The emperor Trajan, deciding to bypass a slow, hard-to-maintain section through the Apen­nines, built the Via Appia Traiana. It ran some 120 miles from Beneventum to Barium (Benevento and Bari now), then 70 more miles down the Adriatic to Brundisium. It saved Roma-to-Brundisium travelers a day out of the 10 to 15 days the trip along the Antica took. The emperor’s couriers, work­ing in relays, did it in six. A good politician, Trajan had his masons carve on the mile­stones the message that he had built the road for the people “at his own expense.”


Both ancient Appias today are only tatters of a road—snippets of original pavement scores of miles apart, the old bed asphalted over or crumbling to dirt in a Horatian eye-inflaming and joltingly dissestata state (“deranged,” as road signs cogently warn).


But there is still a third Appia, SS (State Highway) 7, the Appia Nuova, and this one Down the Ancient Appian Way is drivable. It runs atop the Antica, or near it, to just beyond Benevento, 125 miles from Rome. There it veers off, not to return to the Appian track till near Taranto.


Nowadays there is lots of traffic in Rome. Tourists come every day and want to visit all attractions in and outside the city. If you need a car when traveling abroad you can consider renting a car. Before that you’d better do car rentals comparison and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Way up in Brooklyn

ON FALL THE PEOPLE who fled Brooklyn, none created a greater stir than Walter O’Malley. On October 8, 1957, the announcement came that he was moving the Dodgers baseball club to Los Angeles. The fans, the Flatbush Faithful, were stunned, brokenhearted, outraged. Tom Knight is still boiling.


The tall, gray-haired Brooklynite, a local columnist, growled: “O’Malley would have taken the team to the Sahara if he could have made money there. It was despicable. The blackest day in baseball, and a body blow to Brooklyn. That was the only thing we had left to give us national recognition.”

The team had done that since it was orga­nized in 1884; Ebbets Field had been home base since 1913. Sure, the stadium was out of date, and that section of Flatbush was “changing.” But there Branch Rickey had transformed the course of sports by intro­ducing Jackie Robinson as the first black in the major leagues in 1947. There the Dodg­ers had won their first World Series, beating the Yankees in 1955.


Pee Wee Reese, then team captain, re­membered: “I don’t think there was ever anything like a Brooklyn fan, or ever will be.” In the soft full voice reflecting his mid-Kentucky home, he reminisced recently at an old-timers game in Washington, D. C.: “I remember standing at shortstop and recog­nizing faces in the upper deck. I remember Hilda Chester clanging her cowbells and the Sym-Phoney playing “Three Blind Mice” when the umpires walked in. I haven’t been back once.”


Just as well, for Ebbets Field has been replaced by a middle-income apartment complex housing 3,000 people. The prices of apartments in Brooklyn are cheaper than the prices of manhattan apartments, but can be compared to those of chicago apartments or edinburgh apartments.


Reese grew pensive. “I just didn’t think we would move. O’Malley had one thing in mind, to go to the coast, which he saw as the future. It was,” and here Reese sighed for the way of the world, “a smart thing to do be­cause they’ve been very successful out there. But it took a lot out of Brooklyn.”

Funny thing was, Reese hadn’t really wanted to come to Brooklyn in 1940 when he joined the team. But after he married and moved to Bay Ridge with its expansive views of New York harbor, he found “ev­eryone was so nice to my family when I was on the road. I loved those people and the fans; now I think Brooklyn was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Often the only way up in Brooklyn is out. Especially from old-time tenement districts in East New York and Brownsville. From them came comedian Danny Kaye and writ­ers Norman Podhoretz and Alfred Kazin, fleeing what Kazin called “The early hope­lessness. . . . in New York’s rawest, remot­est, cheapest ghetto.”

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Gambling Experience on Cruise Ships

Over the years, gambling continues to be one of America’s favourite recreations. Casinos provide hours of entertainment, a night out with friends, and for the lucky a pocketful of gold. Las Vegas and Atlantic City residents can enjoy large, glitzy casinos, with an array of games to choose from. For everyone else, there are long trips and expensive hotel rooms, to indulge in a few hours of fun.

gambling cruise

Fortunately, several leading cruise lines offer a Vegas-like gambling experience. Traditionally, cruise ships could not open their casino until the ship was three miles offshore, in international water. Nowadays, cruise ships open their casinos as soon as they leave dock. Many casino cruise ships head out to sea in the evening, for five or six hours of entertainment, returning to dock around midnight. This allows passengers to enjoy a fun night out.

Cruise ship dealers tend to be more patient than other casino workers and are more willing to help a beginner learn the game. Gambling is just one part of the cruise.

Entertainment options for casino cruises lasting several days can include golf, snorkelling, and tours of local attractions. Activities vary depending on the cruise line. Cruise ships can also offer dance clubs, superb buffets, fine dining, spas, and karaoke with prizes for the best performance.

gambling cruise

As well as gambling, casino cruise lines offer a number of other activities. Options vary depending on the cruise ship. Activities include dance clubs, superb buffets, fine dining, spas, and karaoke with prizes for the best performance.

Casino cruise ship rules are similar to land-based casinos. Entry is restricted to participants who are over 21, identification is checked when boarding. Most casino cruises permit a casual dress code, however, shirts with sleeves are preferable for males. Game rules are akin to those of popular games. In case you are unfamiliar with the rules of some of the games, casino staff will be happy to teach you the basics of the games. Usually lessons by an experienced gambler are free, but in some ships you may be required to pay a minimum payment to participate in the lesson.

Most casino cruise lines cater to beginner gamers, by maintaining low betting limits on table games. Certain cruise lines, however, have started catering to “high rollers,” by buying gamers’ drinks, and supplying open tables with higher bids and higher limits.

gambling cruise

Depending on the cruise line, casino cruises can last from a day, or night out, to a vacation for several days. Passengers, who enjoy the excitement of casino cruises, can increase their vacation to three or four days. Some casino cruises provide passengers with accommodation at casinos along the coast. Other cruise lines provide comfortable rooms offshore.

Casino cruise lines provide different features. Cruises also depart from varying locations around America. If you have a favourite game, check to see whether the cruise line has it before booking. Making reservations on a cruise ships is to booking a hotel room. During peak times, casino cruise ships, sell out quickly so quick so book early. Try to book a cruise that departs from your locale, however, if there is a super cruise ship deal, you could always travel there. Find the best casino cruise ship deals through

This guest post was written by Nisha on behalf of (US players can play for fun!)

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Planning an Indian Wedding & Honeymoon – 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Traveling to another country to get married can be a wonderful experience. However, it can also be a logistical nightmare. Planning a honeymoon will be considerably easier but still takes some preparation. On this page we wanted to offer some advice to anyone planning an Indian wedding & honeymoon so we are going to give you our 5 best tips to keep in mind for planning the wedding, and 5 tips for planning a honeymoon.

5 Tips for Planning an Indian Wedding

1. Laying the Groundwork


One of the first things you will need to do before you start planning an Indian wedding is figuring out how much you are prepared to spend. In a traditional Indian wedding, the bride’s parents will pay for the event but some couples may wish to split the costs. You’ll need to figure out who is going to be paying for the wedding and what the budget is before you can do anything else.

Your budget will determine the scope of the wedding, things like how many guests you can invite, what type of venue you can reserve, the type of food that will be offered etc. It’s also important to discuss the style of the wedding with your fiancé and the parents of the bride and groom. If you are going to be mixing traditional style with Western customs you will want to get all the interested parties involved to get together and discuss how everything will go. Ultimately, the day belongs to the bride and groom, but keeping parents and in-laws happy is very important too.

2. Put Together Your Guest List

It’s important to put together your guest list early on in the process. The number of guests that will be attending your wedding will determine the size of the venue you need to reserve. Send out invitations well in advance and make sure that everyone RSVPs. Put a deadline on the invitation that people must RSVP by so that you have plenty of time to make all of the necessary preparations.

3. Choosing a Venue

I’m going to assume that you have a date set before you send out your invitations and you may have even had a venue in mind. Once you have your guest list you will be able to actually book of venue because you will know how many people will be attending. When you are considering different venues, figure out what types of traditional Indian decorations you would like and make sure that the venue will be able to accommodate you.

4. Hiring the Necessary Vendors


 Once you have your guest list and a venue, it’s time to start hiring all of the people that will make your wedding and reception happen. You will need to start talking to florists, caterers, DJs etc. You may even wish to hire a wedding planner in India that can help take care of a lot of these things for you.

5. Purchase the Clothing You Will Wear at the Wedding

If you are going to be wearing traditional Indian clothing you may be able to find a place online to purchase it from or you may even consider hiring a seamstress to make a custom outfit for you. Some brides will hire a seamstress from India to make a traditional Indian wedding dress for them and then have the dress shipped back to their home country. They can then try the dress on and bring it with them when the wedding day arrives.

5 Tips for Planning an Indian Honeymoon

1. Set a Budget

A honeymoon to another country can be a very expensive trip. Even if you are already in India for the wedding, it’s a good idea to set a budget so that you know how much you will be able to spend on things like restaurants, hotels, rental cars, and other travel expenses. Start with your budget so that you have a certain amount of money in mind before making any other arrangements.

2. Figure out What Destinations You Would like to Visit and What Sites You Would like to See

Spend a little time on the Internet doing some research before your wedding. There are a lot of websites online that list some of the best places to visit in India. There are also a number of websites that have reviews from travelers that have visited the places you might be considering. Reading reviews online is very helpful because it will give you a good idea of whether a certain destination is worth visiting.


 3. Make the Necessary Arrangements

It’s a good idea to book as many things as you can ahead of time. Booking things ahead of time will help you enjoy your honeymoon rather than being stressed about figuring out where to go next and how much it’s going to cost. You can book hotels, book various tours, and make other travel arrangements at home before you ever leave to go on your trip.

4. Packing Your Bags

The best time to pack your bag is before your wedding. If you are getting married and taking your honeymoon in India, you will not be coming home first to pack your bags. Take care of that before the wedding and you have one less thing to worry about. Pack appropriately for your various destinations and the weather conditions at each place. Think about the places you will be visiting; will you be visiting historical sites, mountainous terrain, beaches? You will need some light clothing because a lot of places in India are hot and humid but you may need some warmer clothing if you’re going to be seeing any site at high elevation. Think about what you need and pack appropriately.

5. Spend Quality Time with Each Other

If you are a young couple on your honeymoon you may be tempted to do some adventurous things. I wouldn’t try to talk anyone out of an adventure but you might want to schedule any of the more dangerous activities toward the end of your trip. In the beginning of your honeymoon, spend time walking on the beach, enjoying candlelit dinners, and just enjoying each other’s company in a romantic setting.

Author Bio – This article has been written by Dillon Michaelson who works for If you’re looking to book plane tickets, make hotel bookings, car rentals etc., their travel site has it all.

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Dnata Tours – Your Safely Travel

Dnata Tours – Your Safely Travel

Mr Flanagan, who has developed many of the services offered by DNATA during his time as managing director, would probably insist that one of the most important of the sections on the first floor is that housing the DNATA Multi-Access Reservation System (D-MARS). And it is certainly making DNA-TA almost indispensible in the local travel world.

“Book a ticket downstairs or at any of DNATA’s travel shops around Dubai,” Mr Flanagan said, “and you will get reservations — instantly!”
Dnata tours

The computer is linked with the cen­tral reservations system of Gulf Air, British Airways, British Caledonian, Pan Am, KLM, Lufthansa and Swiss Air, and DNATA are discussing with a number of other airlines the possibility of their coming into the system. “You can see how advantageous the system is,” said Mr Flanagan. “Agents can now request availabilities, make and amend reserva­tions and gain immediate access to other ancillary services such as hotels, car hire and air taxis anywhere in the world.”

Mr Flanagan went on to say that as DNATA feel they have a responsibility to the travel trade in Dubai, they have made this system available to other travel agents in town, such as Gray Mackenzie, Thomas Cook, Al Thayer, Kanoo and many others as well as four in Abu Dhabi and also train their staff to use the computer and include barcelona travel guide. “We should like to make this facility available to travel agents throughout the Gulf,.” Mr Flana­gan said that it was technically, physi­cally and economically possible to put every travel agent in the Gulf on the system.
Dnata Tours


“There is nothing else like this in the Middle East,” he said. “Although there are other systems around the world ­in the U.S.A. for instance and in London where it is called Travicom — the fact that our service is completely unbiased makes us unique.”
Mr Flanagan also pointed out that they had a 24 hour a day, seven days a week telephone sales service, which once again, is the only system like it in the Middle East. Bookings can be made at any time on any airline for which DNATA are general sales agents. “We are also the only people in Dubai who can tell you instantly the prices being charged at any one time but we make this information available to other travel agents who phone in to check current prices.”

DNATA Tours, their home-grown holiday industry, naturally makes good use of the Multi-Access Reservations System.
dnata travel

Started six years ago, DNATA’s tour service has expanded over the years to offer not only holidays around the Far East and Africa but now includes educa­tional courses in such places as Oxford and Cambridge, special interest holi­days, school parties, cruises on the QE2 and even winter sports.
King Air: The efficiency of quality.

The first Beechcraft King Air ever built still serves. Another has commuted 4-million miles to a Pacific island. Navy pilots torture it. And despite its luxury, tough executives order it 2-to-1 Read why.


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Dubrovnik – the Pearl of the Adriatic

When someone mentions the Croatia first association is the pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is an old city located in the extreme south of Croatia which has a population of 50.289. It is also the main administrative center of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County . Sveti Vlaho (Saint Blaise) is the  patron saint of the city.

Today Dubrovnik is the most elite and prestigious city in the Croatia country and Mediterranean. Top position  in transport (Airport -  2.5 km northwest of the Old Town, Sea Port Gruz – located Northwest of the City – is an attractive passenger vessel port and a marina, bus, train and highway) Dubrovnik became easily accessible to all guests from around the world.

The biggest attraction of the town are medieval city walls that stretch over 1940 meters and represent a symbol of Dubrovnik’s freedom. Because of its rich historical heritage and breathtaking beauty in 1979, Dubrovnik was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Top 10 Must see attractions in Dubrovnik

1 Roland’s Column – Also known as Orlando’s Column.
Roland's Column

2.Sponza Palace – Gothic Renaissance palace

3. Rector’s Palace
rectors palace

4. Old City Walls
old city walls Dubrovnik

5. Church of Saint Blaise
Saint Braise Church Dubrovnik

6. Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac Dubrovnik

Fort Lovrijenac in Dubrovnik Croatia

7. Big Onofrio´s Fountain
Big Onofrio´s Fountain in Dubrovnik

8. Placa Stradun
Placa Stradun in Dubrovnik

9. Pile Gate
Pile Gate in Dubrovnik

10. War Photo Limited
War Photo Limited Gallery Dubrovnik

The oldest and the most respected and famous festival in Croatia – that everyone should visit are the Dubrovnik Summer Games.  Festival always begins every year on July 10th and lasts until  the August 25th.  Many world-famous artists performing at the festival, which takes place on the open stage of the Old Town. You can also visit popular Dubrovnik Film Festival and Libertas Film Festival.
Summer Festival

If you are looking for Dubrovnik accommodation you don’t have to worry because It offers many famous hotels, apartments, villas and rooms for rent.

Rich nightlife in Dubrovnik will delight even the most demanding tourists. Many trendy bars, discos and cafes are open until the early morning hours. The most famous beach is the Banje beach. This amazing beach provides a magnificent view of the city walls.

Gastronomical and enological offer of Dubrovnik is rich and everyone’s mouth. Numerous restaurants and taverns will give you an excellent delicacies of this region. If you want to enjoy an active holiday – Dubrovnik is an ideal city for you.  Various water sports, cycling through beautiful trails with fascinating views of the sea, climbing the hills, walking through beautiful parks, soccer, basketball, volleyball and many other sports will satisfy all tourists.
Dubrovnik is also a city of romance who each year visit the young couples in love.

Climate of Dubrovnik is typically Mediterranean – hot summers and mild winters. Dubrovnik is ideal to visit in summer or winter.

Famous people who come from Dubrovnik are: Ruđer Bošković – was a famous Croatian mathematician, astronomer, physicist and philosopher, Marin Držić – World famous Croatian writer, poet and lyricist, Ivan Gundulić – famous Croatian poet…

Welcome to the Dubrovnik -  tourist paradise!

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